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CAS 67A TCAS II/ACAS II System includes: 

  • TPU 67A Processor (change 7 software) Factory reman/used P/N 066-01146-1211
  • PS 550, PS 578 or CP 66B control head New


Corporate TCAS II/ACAS II interrogates transponders of surrounding aircraft at the maximum allowed range of 40 miles and displays the relative positions of these aircraft. The TPU 67A processor performs closure-rate and evasive-maneuver computations. Beam steering is accomplished by the processor, allowing a smaller more aerodynamic directional antenna, the four-element ANT-67A. Patented interferometry processing and advanced antenna design improve direction/bearing reporting accuracy to +-2 degrees. The IVA 81D combined Traffic Advisory/Vertical Speed Indicator utilizes flat-panel active-matrix liquid crystal technology, and presents traffic advisories, resolution advisories, and vertical speed on one integrated 34-ATI instrument. The light-weight, compact diversity version MST 67A Mode S Transponder provides the datalink between TCAS-equipped aircraft to coordinate evasive maneuvers.