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HF-1050 System with Gray or Black Control Head, White or Amber Display and Single, Dual or Combination Vertical or Horizontal Coupler Installation Honeywell’s newest HF radio, the Primus HF-1050, is poised to advance HF technology for the business and regional airline markets, while providing, as always, the best value for performance.

This 200-watt system is one of the most powerful radios available, and it comes at a weight savings of 20% over that of competitive systems. Furthermore, the newest HF family member is upgradeable for ARINC HF data link compatibility. In short, it’s the best value in its class.

Key Features:    

  • No shock mounts required – saving space
  • Stored tuning in non-volatile memory…once tuned, always tuned
  • 99 user-programmable channels
  • Pre-programmed emergency channel at 2.182 MHz
  • 249 International Telecommunications Union (ITU) maritime radiotelephone network channels stored in permanent, non-volatile memory
  • 280,000 discrete operating frequencies covering the 2.0000 to 29.9999 MHz frequency range in 100 Hz steps
  • High fidelity audio data outputs compatible with 2400 bps error-detecting modems
  • Power Amplifier and Coupler can be separated or installed together to maximize installation flexibility.