066-01127-1602 – TRA-67A – MODE S TRANSPONDER

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  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) Mode S Transponder
  • Remote mounted and operated from a panel mounted control unit
  • Utilized for both signal processing and monitor functions
  • Consists of an L-band receiver-transmitter, configured to operate in a dual antenna (diversity) configuration
  • ARINC 429 interfaces are provided for two-way communications with TCAS and the maintenance bus and one-way receive communication from the control unit, Air Data Sources and Flight ID
  • All units meet the interface requirements of ARINC 735-2 which is required for proper CAS-81 operation and ARINC 604 which defines the interface compatibility of the Centralized Fault Data System
  • Housed in a standard ARINC characteristic 600, 4 MCU, case with detachable side panels
  • Connection to the aircraft wiring is made through an ARINC 600, Series No. 2, multiple-section connector centered vertically at the rear of the unit
  • Ventilation and cooling are provided to top and bottom modules by a series of perforations in the covers
  • The TRA-67A ATC Transponder is designed to meet the following requirements:   – Operate in an Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System environment   – Meet Mode S requirements per ARINC 718-4   – Serve as an integral part of the CAS-81 Collision Avoidance System
  • The TRA-67A Enhanced ATC Transponder is designed to meet the above requirements plus the following:   – Support DO-185A TCAS interface protocol   – Provide Downlink Aircraft Parameter messages   – Transmit Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast extended     squitter messages