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Built on the superior reputation of its predecessor the RDR-1400C, the RDR-1600’s
digital technology provides full compatibility with integrated or
glass-configured flight decks.
Search, Rescue and Weather Avoidance Radar
Weather Detection
The RDR-1600 provides a full-color presentation
of weather returns, auto pitch/roll correction, pilotselectable antenna tilt and scan angle and Built-inTest (BIT) for the following operational modes:
 Weather detection/weather alert
 Search and Rescue (SAR)
 Surveillance
 Beacon detection mode
 Ground mapping
Search and Rescue
Search and rescue may be one of the most difficult
aviation missions to perform successfully with
inclement weather being the rule rather than the
exception. The RDR-1600 offers a 240 NM display
range and detailed close-ups at ranges of 1 NM or
0.5 NM which allows for safety and precision of
movement to plan weather avoidance maneuvers.
Critical air-to-surface sweeps demand constant
attention from both pilot and crew, and intercepting
a beacon or target in heavy seas can be challenging.
With the RDR-1600’s weather alert feature, users are
flashed a warning whenever third-level (red) weather
areas are detected up to 25 NM beyond the selected
Airborne Surveillance
Different surveillance missions require different
capabilities. The RDR-1600 provides three specialized
search modes:
 Search 1 incorporates special sea clutter rejection
circuitry to help detect small boats or buoys down
to a minimum range of 450 ft.
 Search 2 is designed for precision ground mapping
where high-target resolution is important
 Search 3 includes normal ground mapping which
is useful to detect prominent land objects or
Operating Capabilities
Complying with Search TSO C102 and Weather TSO
C63c, the RDR-1600 enables land or sea approaches
in 200-ft. ceiling and 0.5 mile visibility minimums. Its
beacon mode allows detection of DO 172 2-pulse and
6-pulse beacons, and can easily change modes with
the push of a button. The RDR-1600 has a transmitter
peak power output of 10 kW combined with a low
power consumption of less than 100 watts. The
RDR-1600 is available with four different antenna
sizes and excels in the detection of small targets while
operating at a typical helicopter altitude of 500 ft.
(152 m).