622-9210-502 – TDR-94D – ADS-B EXPONDER, DO-260B, STATIC FLIGHT ID

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Features & Benefits

  • Compliant with latest ADS-B Out standards (-501/-502 only)
  • ADS-B features: Meets DO-260B ADS-B Out requirements for upcoming/emerging mandates; Mode S generated Flight ID capability for United States registered aircraft (-502 only); capable of pairing with Collins Aerospace or other compatible GPS receivers
  • Transponder features: TCAS II compliant; datalink capable for TCAS II crosslink and ATC data communications; ICAO Level 3s capable; provides Mode S elementary and enhanced surveillance.
  • TCAS II features: Change 7.1 compatible; replies to ATC radar on Modes A, C and S with altitude.
  • Capable aircraft IO architecture: Accepts ARINC 429 or commercial standard data bus control and altitude information; flexible air data interfaces for compatibility with all aircraft.
  • Maintainability features: Diagnostics for easy fault isolation and shop maintenance.
  • Flight deck control: Operates via the CTL-92E transponder control, radio tuning unit or FMS.
  • Efficient packaging: Housed in a specially designed package for efficient heat transfer and resistance to high-intensity radiated fields.