822-1084-051/822-1753-351 – AFD 3010/3010E FLIGHT DISPLAY

Flight crew situational awareness and
enhancing safety has been a Rockwell
Collins hallmark. The Rockwell Collins’
Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS)
> Electronic charts for approach plates,
airport diagrams, NOTAMs and
procedures such as Standard Instrument
Departures (SlDs), and Standard
Terminal Arrival Routes (STARS)
> Strategic weather information is
available from XM Weather (broadcast)
or Universal Weather (data link) services
> Enhanced navigation maps that include
geopolitical features, restricted and
controlled airspace, and high-and-lowaltitude airways
At the heart of IFIS is the File Server Unit
(FSU). The FSU uses a high-bandwidth
ethernet bus to interface with the
Pro Line 21 Multi-Function Displays (MFDs).
Offering next generation
integrated display and
situational awareness system
for Pro Line 21™ flight decks.
Accentuating the value of Pro Line 21
integrated flight decks is Rockwell Collins’
patented Chartlink™. For Rockwell Collins
FMS-equipped aircraft, the electronic
charts work seamlessly with the FMS
through ChartlinkTM. As the departure and
destination airports are entered into the
FMS, the appropriate electronic charts are
automatically loaded, including alternates.
In the case of a rerouting to a new approach
and new runway, the pilot can easily select
the appropriate charts from the Charts
menu. This decreases heads downtime
and crew workload while increasing crew
Rockwell Collins is proud to offer additional
value to your purchase through a limited
time offer of CASP (Corporate Aircraft
Service Program) discounts for both new
and existing enrollments. CASP is a premier
maintenance and cost management
program, which assures maximum aircraft
dispatchability, minimum downtime, and
reduced life cycle cost.





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