822-1465-101 – NAV-4000 – NAV RECEIVER

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  • Integrated Navigation Receiver
  • Member of the Pro Line 21 CNS product family
  • Incorporates VOR/localizer, glideslope, marker beacon and ADF receivers in a single Line Replaceable Unit (LRU)
  • NAV-4500 is identical in size and pinout to the NAV-4000 but does not include the ADF receiver
  • Saves space by consolidating the functions that are currently housed in two larger units, replacing the VIR-432 and ADF-462
  • Supports CSDB tuning only for the VIR, not the ADF
  • Highly efficient – Offers the smallest size, weight and power available for business and regional aircraft avionics
  • For new installations, high-speed ARINC 429 I/O buses interfaces with a radio interface unit (RIU-4000) enable features such as software data loading, enhanced maintenance reporting, digital audio and data communications management
  • Maintain the Pro Line II and 4 series serial data and analog audio interfaces
  • Simplified Installation – Installs with a single set of high-speed ARINC 429 I/O buses
  • Installs in helicopter and composite aircraft
  • ARINC 429 and CSDB tuning and data interfaces (support a variety of install options)
  • 2.5 MCU configuration
  • Some of the VIR & ADF legacy signals that are only required for ProLine II installations have not been included on the NAV-4000/4500 connector
  • Meets DO-160D Change 1 environmental requirements
  • Internal diagnostic capability minimizes time spent on fault diagnosis, code read out available on the CTL or RTU
  • Offers improved maintenance – get comprehensive maintenance software accessed through the aircraft’s maintenance computer or shop repair facility.