822-2189-100 – GPS-4000S – GPS RECEIVER

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  • Enables GPS-based approaches for aircraft equipped with flight management systems
  • Uses up to 10 GPS satellites
  • Fully integrated with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4™ and Pro Line 21™ systems
  • Provides terminal and en route navigation solutions
  • Streamlines preflight procedures by eliminating the requirement to run a pre-flight prediction of Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) availability along the intended U.S. RNAV routes
  • Provides non-precision approach navigation
  • Supports primary means GPS navigation is SBAS coverage and oceanic/remote areas
  • Supports RAIM, Predictive RAIM and FDE
  • Supports on-board loading of application software
  • Physically interchangeable with the GPS-4000 and GPS-4000A
  • 12-channel, TSO C145A compliant SBAS-enabled GPS receiver
  • 2 MCU, ARINC 743A compliant
  • DO-160D qualified
  • Certifications: FAA TSO C145 Class Beta-3, EUROCAE ED-14C