G7614-506 – G7614XPDR CTL BLACK (W/ADS-B FAIL)

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  • Drop-in replacement for CTL92/A and CTL92T with additional Flight ID capability in a one panel solution
  • Pin compatible with CTL92T
  • Interfaces with TDR-94D or MST-67A via rear connector pin
  • First Minima Twisted Nematic (FMTN) LCD Display
  • Blue/White LED display and panel lighting for higher reliability
    – White or amber color display and NVIS options available (variant dependent)
  • Liquid splash-proof design
  • Built-in-test (BIT) capability
  • Flash technology to support bench-level reprogramming using a PC
  • Non-volatile storage of front panel settings
  • Modular design provides flexibility for custom layouts
  • Modular construction contributes to economical maintenance
  • Dual Mode-S control panel
  • CSDB remote tuning with TDR interface
  • ARINC 429 capable
  • TCAS Options
    • Ranges:
      3-5-10-15 (20-40 as extended ranges) nmi for MST mode
      3-5-10-20-40 or 5-10-20 or 6-12 nmi for TDR mode
    • TA/RA, TA Selection
    • Traffic AUTO-ON
    • Functional Test
    • Altitude Limits:
      A = 2,700 ft
      B = 9,900 ft
  • ATC Options
    • Altitude Reporting
    • ADC 1-2 selection




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