622-6136-002 – DGS-65 – DIRECTIONAL GYRO

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  • Directional Gyro used in Collins MCS-65 Magnetic Compass System
  • Used in conjunction with FDU-70 Flux Detector Unit, and either CCU-65 Control & Compensator Unit or RCP-65 Remote Compensation Unit
  • Contains air-erected directional gyro and compass electronics
  • Compass electronics combines the short-term directional information from the gyro with long-term heading information from the FDU-70 to obtain accurate heading information for use or display by electromechnical or electronic horizontal situation indicators (HSIs), radio magnetic indicators (RMIs), course indicators, and digital autopilots
  • 28VDC aircraft input power
  • Mounted on a surface perpendicular to aircraft yaw axis within 1 degree
  • Version available that provides slaving meter drive signal and sends DG mode annunciation data on serial bus (-002 see table below)