822-0615-206 – ALT-4000 – RADIO ALTIMETER

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      • Low Range Radio Altimeter
      • Form & fit replacements of discontinued ALT-50A/-55B (see P/N chart below for specific replacement information)
      • Intended for single installations certified for Category II landings and for dual or triple installations in Category IIIa (ALT-1000 is intended for single installations in Category II ONLY)
      • Measures radar height above terrain up to 2,500 feet
      • Accurate to within two feet at the critical low altitudes
      • Entirely digital, allowing for complete end-to-end monitoring
      • Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology
      • Versions with analog outputs capable of driving existing indicators
      • Analog outputs in ALT-55B or ARINC 552A format – strap selectable
      • Four ARINC 429 digital buses
      • Used with ANT-52 antennas
      • Available with standard or shop-adjustable trips (see table below)
      • Full temperature/altitude capability
      • Stringent lightning and HIRF hardening
      • Single unit packaged in a 3/8 ATR short-low package
      • Package and aircraft mounting are identical to the ALT-55B
      • Lightweight at 4.7 pounds with additional aircraft installation delay selections that can reduce antenna cable weight
      • Front panel computer port for system configuration and access to system faults
      • Computer interface that allows for flight simulation to aid checks of associated systems
      • Versions compatible with Collins FPA-80 Flight Profile Advisory aural alert unit
      • Versions available that directly plug in and replace the ALT-55B/-50A